Helpline Contact

1-866-TTA-SEVA (1-866-882-7382)

Community Services

Telangana American Telugu Association has been in forefront to serve the community in need. TTA Community Services Committee is created under the leadership of TTA Advisory Council, Executive Committee with the main objective to deliver services to the community. TTA has a dedicated team setup for Community Services equipped with enthusiastic volunteers across USA to serve Telugu Community.

Community Services works within core principles of the organization and aim to provide assistance to Telugu Community in the areas of Emergency Services, Immigration Services, Legal, Consular Services by facilitating the reach with respective authorities

Helpline is reachable 24/7 during Emergency situations such as accidents, sudden deaths and TTA will offer assistance in consultation with local authorities, consular offices strictly adhering to local law and jurisdictions and within our limits as a non-profit organization.

Key Areas of Assistance provided by Community Services

  • Emergency Helpline – 24/7 helpline number to reach for assistance
  • Community Services – helping Telugu community within USA and in India during Emergency situation, Natural Disasters/Pandemic
  • Immigration & Visa, Legal Assistance Services - Provide FREE initial consultation for any community member with TTA panel of Attorneys for Legal, Immigration, Emergency assistance
  • Students Assistance – Help Telugu students studying in various universities in USA for any Emergency Situation, Career guidance, Trainings
  • Indian Consular Services – Coordinate help with Indian Embassies in USA for any Emergency help for the community. Setup Webinars with Consul General offices for Community members to bring awareness of any policy changes